Back in a sunny Tarfala

Yesterday we went seperate ways with Dr Mats Björkman and field assistents Haldor Lorimer-Olsson and Stina Johlander flying to Goaivujaure (the 3rd PermThaw site) and Assoc prof Robert Björk and field assistent Saskia Bergmann flying to Tarfala Research Station. PhD student Ruud Scharn and Erasmus student Isabel Negri are still in Latnjajaure. Today the sun finally showed up here in Tarfala and we have started the manipulations of the plant community within the VR funded project ”Disentangeling the role of mycorrhiza for ecosystem processes”. This year we are cutting plant species that has certain type of mycorrhizal association. These different mycorrhiza has been theorized to have different influence on carbon and nitrogen cycling over a global scale. So next year we will do a isotope labelling experiment to test if these hypotheses holds on the plot scale. So now we hoping that the sun stays. 

– the Alpine and Polar Ecology group of BLUES



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