On the other side of Träsket

After a day stranded in Abisko due to too poor visibility for the helicopter flight we finally made it to Lake Goaivujaure and our 3rd field site in the PermThaw project. Finally the weather turned to sun and with the sun came millions of mosquitosWe struggled a bit to locate the actual tussock tundra site at Lake Goaivojavri since we did not have any valid GPS points. With the help of old pictures we found a site that we thought must be the place and this was soon confirmed when we found remaining equipment fotgotten by the previous investigation 10 years ago. An old sledgehammer, a knife, a rubber mallet, a thermometer and a folding rule where still laying on the ground. After the site was established our efficient field assistants
Haldor Lorimer-Olsson and Stina Johlander started the vegetation investigation and the greenhouse gas flux measurements and practically put Dr. Mats Björkman out of work 🙄!

– the Alpine and Polar Ecology group of BLUES 



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