Last fieldwork for the season.

Preparing for the last PERMTHAW fieldwork this season. However, we are already somewhat delayed in Abisko, waiting for equipment that was sent as “express”. Normal snail-mail would probably have been faster up here in the north. Hopefully we fly out tomorrow.

On our schedule this time: Flux measurements of greenhouse gases, Shrub collection for dendrochronology and Soil sampling for incubations and microbial analysis.

With us this time is also movie-maker Jonas Stenström from Untamedscience with all his cameras and a drone for upcoming outreach activities.


– the Alpine and Polar Ecology group of BLUES


An Urban Earth Science Tour

Some pictures from the Department of Earth Sciences ”Urban Earth Science Tour” on the 25th of August in Gothenburg.


Dendrochronology?! On that?????


Well, rather Shrubochronology!

MSc student Christopher Leifsson will use dendrochronological methods on shrubs like the dwarf birch (betula nana) in the picture to detect permafrost degradation in sub-Arctic Sweden in collaboration with the PERMTHAW project. So far 65 dwarf birches has been collected and more are to come during our next field visit in early September.

– the Alpine and Polar Ecology group of BLUES