A lot of snow

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We just got back to Abisko Scientific Research station after our initial field trip of the season.

The late spring up here has resulted in a lot of snow and still frozen ground on our sites. Creative thinking, nice weather and a good field team still made the fieldwork successful.

/ Mats P. Björkman – the Alpine & Polar Ecology group of BLUES


Tracking microbial variation

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MSc-student Argus Pesqueda taking samples from the frozen ground using both hammer and chisel, as well as an impact drill. Argus will track variations in the soil microbial community in our permafrost gradient.

/ Mats P. Björkman – the Alpine & Polar Ecology group of BLUES

Field season starts!


Mats P. Björkman, Haldor Lorimer-Olsson and Argus Pesqueda have headed up to Latnjajaure Field Station west of Abisko to start up this field season. It’s the second field season in the project ”Permafrost thaw – decadal responses to climate change”. If you want some flash backs from last year field work with Alpine and Polar Ecology group of BLUES see these posts:

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Rain, snow and a bit of sun

– the Alpine and Polar Ecology group of BLUES